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Supported file formats

Guidelines and tips for creating media

Images / Graphics

The optimal original size of an image file should be as close to the actual size used in a specific application. The latter depends on the dimensions of the actual display being used.

The sizes mentioned here are intended mostly as recommended guidelines. Since various parameters and mechanisms can additionally influence the size of elements depending on their application a pixel-accurate adjustment of the original files generally isn´t neccessary.

As a rule of thumb: An original file should be as big as the size of the element when running in the specific application, displayed at maximum size on the actual display.

Icons and logos are generally displayed much smaller when running in an application than say background images (wallpapers) which need to fill the whole display.

Resolution: Dimension vs. DPI

The file size solely refers to its dimension in pixels (width x height). Since there is no change of medium – e.g. from screen to print – the DPI value (dots per inch) is irrelevant. The defacto standard value of dpi on screens is 72 dpi.

Supported image formats

Currently the pixel formats JPEG and PNG are being supported. The JPG format compresses files and is recommended for background images and photos. The PNG format has a loss free compression and allows for the creation of transparent graphics. These properties make the PNG format ideal for graphics such as icons and logos.

Standard Demensionen von Displays
Full HD1920×108016:9

Tip The advantages of an optimized image file size are an optimal sharp presentation as well as sparing your computer´s resources.

Tip With few exceptions a file size bigger than the display being used does not make sense! Besides files bigger than 8000×8000 px can´t be used for technical reasons: Such dimensions will lead to faults in display.

Icons & Logos

Icons and logos act as company key visuals and can be used in many ways. It is recommended to have them in a range of different sizes to determine an appropriate variant.

Contrary to logos icons should be preferably squared and void of font etc.




These images are used as background graphics and should preferably have exactly the same size as the target resolution of the display.


Images / Photos

Files with content such as images of products or photos should be at least a quarter the size of the target display and at the utmost of the same size.

Size(px)MIN25% [Fullscreen]
MAX100% [Fullscreen]


Supported video formats

The eyefactive SDK uses the VLC framework. This means that basically all formats it supports will be running. Especially Quicktime by Apple turned out to be a magnificent format regarding quality and file size.

Empfohlene Video-Formate
Quicktime.MOV (H.263/H.264)

Tip Videos can easily be converted with the free tool „Any Video Converter“. Services like allow you to download and use YouTube-clips as video files.

use of WMV and AVI formats is explicitly NOT recommended!

Container vs. Codec

The video codec used is relevant for the support of video files. The video codec does not always match the file extension though.


Simple PDF documents containing texts and images are being supported. Special functions such as special fonts or embedded content will not be supported. Fontsprovided they are embedded in the PDF as such- do stay crisp and clear when zooming in.


Presentation formats (e.g. Powerpoint) will not be supported directly. However they can be exported to PDF documents or image files. There are some particular features of presentations which cannot be exported though, animated transitions between individual slides and embedded media such as videos being some of them.

Tip For an easier handling of PDF documents we recommend to keep page format and number of pages consistent within the document: e.g. to stick to either single or double pages only. Furthermore it is favourable to use large font sizes to make navigation within a PDF file as easy as possible.

3D Models

On Request.


The WebBrowser app manages to open discretionary webpages also in individual parallel open windows for several users simultaneously. WebBrowser is based on the Chromium embedded framework which is also being used in the famous Chrome browser. Several script languages are supported. These include Flash and HTML5. Parallel entries can be made on virtual keyboards.


Please note that vast numbers of manifold content exist in the world wide web´s infinite cosmos. This may also hold potential problems and obstacles. We can´t guarantee flawless browser operation with every website, script language and content. Therefore please do check content in question individually. You may do so anytime completely free of charge at

Last Update: 2014/03/31

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