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AppManager: App Management & Modding

The AppManager is the AppSuite's content management system and administration backend.


Interface (GUI) AppManager
General Structure Differences between Apps, Widgets, Views, Mods
Apps Overview of the app managment
Mods Overview of the mod managment
Views Overview list and Association of apps and widgets
Services Services overview
Settings Settings overview

AppStore & Licence Model

Registration & Login How to registrate and login
License model Full and timed licences
App licensing How to license apps

Modding: Basics

General Information How to prepare
Supported data formats Information about the supported files and formats (media)
Config, Style & Content AppSuite file structure: config, content, style
Content-Strategy How to manage content effectively
Export & Import How to export and import mods

Modding: Specials

Keycolors & Inheritance How to change multiple mods quicker
XML Quick introduction to XML files
Last Update: 2015/06/02

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