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After the initial start of AppSuite you will find yourself in the so-called SystemView a universal menu for browsing, furnishing information and opening all apps and widgets installed as well as their mods. Several adjustment features such as filters, offer help with navigation and orientation.

App Overview

The first menu provides an overview of all the apps installed on your system.

1 Display: Current View

2 Matrixof all apps installed on the system Swipe left or right horizontally at any arbitrary position to browse the display. A selection menu will open up when tapping on an app symbol.

3 Button: AppManager (back end)


On this display you will be able to inform yourself about the functionalities of the app you have selected.

1 App-Details
Describes the functionalities of a currently selected app.

2 Images
First tap on an image to select it from the overall display. Then you can scale the image with a zoom gesture.

3 Back Buttons
Get back to the app overview by tapping the back button.

4 Button: Mod Overview

Mod Overview

Displays all mods available according to the set filters.

1 Filter
These combo boxes allow for filtering of mods by app and mod group.

2 Opening a mod
Tapping on a mod symbol will display a start button. A repeated tap on the button opens the respective mod.

Last Update: 2014/03/31

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