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Opening and Closing

Opening AppSuite

After the installation the files are located in the folder allocated at time of installation, for instance under C:\Programs\eyefactive\AppSuite.

AppSuite can be opened by double click on the AppSuite shortcut.

With standard settings AppSuite starts in Fullscreen-Mode and uses automatically the resolution of the operating system.

Low-Graphic Modus

To optimize the performance on slower computers you may alternatively click the AppSuite_LowGraphics shortcut.

Closing AppSuite

AppSuite can be closed in several ways by:

1.) Closing the Windows window (only in possible in windowed mode).
2.) Pressing the [ESC] window.
3.) Via the terminal.

Parameterized Start

The above mentioned links open further start-files in directory …\AppSuite\AppLoader, so-called batch-files (.bat). These batch-files open the actual executable start-file AppLoader.exe with a set of parameters. Given this, you are able to easily create your own individual batch-files for special use. Therefore just create a new file with the ending .bat in directory AppLoader.

Fullscreen-Mode (Auto-Resolution) Description
AppLoader.exe –f–f means fullscreen-mode
Window-Mode Description
AppLoader.exe w=1920 h=1080w=width, h=height
Further parameters Description
samples=4Multisampling for soft edges, higher values require more gpu performance (0-6 max.)

Tip: F11 toggles between fullscreen- and window-mode.

Last Update: 2014/05/20

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