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Finger vs. Mouse - Overview

After you have opened AppSuite all functions can be controlled by your fingers. This requires an input device with MultiTouch functionality and at least two touch points. In case a suitable input device is lacking AppSuite can be operated by mouse and keyboard at anytime.

Gesture Finger Mouse Example
TAP Single short touch on the relevant element.[Left Mouse] single short mouse click.Active element (Buttons, Checkboxes, …)
DRAG/DROP Touch element with one finger and move element while touching it to the desired spot. Then lift finger. Hold [Left Mouse] and release if element is at the desired position.Move elements to desired position (Move images, scroll documents, …)
ZOOM Touch element with two fingers and move towards each other (ZOOM IN) or in opposite directions (ZOOM OUT).Click [Right Mouse] once for the first permanent finger, then use [Left Mouse] for the second finger.Scale elements (Scale images, zoom in/out documents, …)
ROTATE Touch element with two fingers and rotate to the desired direction.Click [Right Mouse] once for the first permanent finger, then use [Left Mouse] for the second finger. Rotate elements (Rotate images, turn controls, …)

Tip Activate the display of touch points (blobs) when operating by mouse, see list of keys.

Shortkeys - Overview

Key Description
EscClose AppSuite
FShow Frames per Second (fps)
F1Show Picking (Touch Areas)
F2Show Blob-Paths, if Blobs are activated
F3Show Blob details, if Blobs are activated
F4Show Blobs (Touch points)
F5Show Tags/Markers
F6Show Mouse Cursor
F7Show Console
F8Clears Style-Cache; New elements will be reloaded from Style-files
F10Shows Style-Hierarchy
F11Switches Window/Fullscreen Mode
F12Create a screenshot in AppSuite > AppLoader > data > screenshots
MOpen AppManager
0-9Used to simulate Tags/Markers siehe hier
Last Update: 2014/05/06

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